[Vibro Sifter Machine] Specially Design For Pharmaceutical Industries

Motion Tech Industries is manufacturing and supplying one of the best quality of Vibro Sifter Machine for the pharmaceutical industries. Vibro Sifter Machine which is also called vibratory sifter, circular and gyratory vibro screening, gyro screen machine and vibro screening machine and much more in the market.

It has a special tough design for providing the best results in pharmaceutical industries. It is used for screening of active pharmaceutical powders. Vibro Sifter Machine is designed for the separating composition of solids, liquid from solid and for gradation of materials as per the particle sizes. In short it separates wanted elements from unwanted materials.

Vibro Sifter Machine Manufacturers & Supplier India

Our vibro sifter machine plays a major role in the pharmaceutical production process as it removes all oversized contamination and provides the best quality of finished products.

How does it actually work!

Tough design of Vibro Sifter Machine for pharmaceutical industries has a vibratory motor mounted vertically at the center of the base plate of the screen. It also has screened in between the feeding hopper and bowl. As while using the material is fed onto the center of the top screen. The small size of the material is passed rapidly through the screen and the oversize material gets continuously discharged through a tangential outlet.

Rotation of the top eccentric weight creates the vibration in the horizontal plane which force material to move across the screen. Rugged springs have been placed over the circular motor base which is used to generate the vibration.

Salient Features:

  • Screening unit consists of SS 304 screen sandwiched between SS 304 hopper and bowl with the help of special clamp with gasket.
  • Portable and compact.
  • Double & Triple deck screens with outlet and hopper for a bottom deck.
  • Safe earthing systems.
  • Heavy duty design.
  • Noiseless and maintenance free.
  • Higher output.

Our vibro sifter is the performance oriented machine for the pharmaceutical industries which are easy to dismantle for cleaning screens.

The best part?

It can be also used in different industries like chemical processing industries and food processing industries. We manufactured our machine under the guidance of experienced person who had worked with pharmaceutical industries for many years. As per the client’s requirement, we can also customize our a Vibro Sifter Machine with single and multi-sieves configuration with standard models.

Here’s is the deal:

If you are looking for prominent quality of Vibro Sifter Machine for your requirement then feel free to contact us. Our representative will contact you for more information and best competitive price.